A Fresh Approach to Manufacturing Webinar

Wednesday, 3 September 2014 - 12:00pm
30 minutes + Q&A
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Join our team of Enabling experts to hear about how we've worked with leading fresh food manufacturer's in Australia including Five:am to better manage their business.

In our webinar you will discover how Sage X3 can help your business grow a fresh approach to manufacturing.

Specially addressing the unique challenges your industry faces including:

Improving compliance tracking and traceability

Food expiry dates and Quality Assurance

Better scheduling and order turnaround

Avoiding over-stocking and wastage

Costing and improved margins

Now is the right time for thinking beyond traditional systems and taking a serious look at technological advances that provide the support for innovative products and processes and offer a healthy return on investment.  Sage X3 can help streamline your processes and let you adopt best practices.

T​his is a no obligation, Free Webinar Presentation | no string beans attached

It's a must attend Webinar

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