Business Analysis

Thanks to our KPMG heritage, business analysis is native in everything we do. Minus the price tag.

It's The Cornerstone Of Our Mutual Success

Ours is not a token effort. Ensuring any project meets the goals of your business is the focus of our consultants who work with you to understand your needs and link these into the overall project. We don't just analyse the business though.  We take all the effort required to know the intricacies of your business inside and out, allowing us to use every inch of the technology to truly work for you. Living and breathing the term "trusted advisor" means everything to us at Enabling. 

We'll Help You Use Technology To:

  • Optimise your business – processes, people and technology

  • Identify critical business drivers and capitalise on them

  • Reorient your business to meet changing customer needs


  • Simplify and streamline your operations

  • Move your technology strategy from plan to practice

  • Transform and automate your business


"We now have less than half the number of customer service people that we used to have. This is because we get the orders right, send them out on time and that leaves no reason for follow up calls."

Frank Fuller – National Operations Manager, Biz Collection


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Thanks To Our KPMG Background Our Analysts Are Highly Skilled In Critical Areas Including:

  • Business acumen – we've been around the block a few times and seen almost everything. Our team brings this experience to every job and then some.

  • Technical cross-over – although our heritage is in management consulting, our experience and passion lies in technology, ensuring the right technology (or non at all!) is recommended, not the other way round. 

  • Macro to micro perspectives – the big picture is as vital as the detail, our consultants easily move between both perspectives to ensure the detail is crafted in context with the greater environment ensuring the best outcome for clients.
  • Communication and expectation setting – our team are skilled communicators; a critical ability needed to engage with every level and role within organisations, to uncover the true business drivers and needs, and to act as facilitators when conflicting requirements arise.

  • Project management  – we treat your money like ours, so every engagement is tightly managed to ensure the maximum value is achieved.

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