Business Intelligence

Our BI consultants are the heroes who ensure decision makers quickly get the information they need, in a format they can easily interpret.

Our Business Intelligence Consultants Are Experts

Business intelligence for us is all about working with your team and your data sources to ensure simple, yet comprehensive analysis of your data through dashboards and visualisations that you can manage, monitor and update.  Our experience and expertise in this area extends to:
  • Creating and designing reports that are logical and actually provide value

  • Setting up the logic between your databases and your chosen business intelligence tool

  • SQL in every way possible – from writing complex sub-queries and multi-table joins to doing complex inter-row calculations


  • Troubleshooting – existing reports, processes and anything else related

  • Data modelling either of existing databases or new. Either way our team ensure data is logical, well structured and flexible for future business needs

  • Business analysis to understand report requirements and visualisation techniques

“Enabling handled implementation and customisation with a wide variety of new features particularly including forecasting. I don’t know if we would have achieved what we did with anyone other than Enabling. They have a can-do attitude that led them to create a solution which met our unique requirements."

Victoria Lytton - iMake


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