Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a full customer relationship management (CRM) suite with marketing, sales, and service capabilities that are fast, familiar, and flexible.

Grow Your Customer Relationships

For companies already used to the Microsoft world, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a logical addition. Its native integration with everything Microsoft (365, Outlook, Skype, OneDrive etc) makes for massive productivity gains and ease of use.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM works with familiar Microsoft products to streamline processes across an entire business.

Microsoft delivers a modern approach to business applications helping you unify data and relationships, build intelligence into your decision making, and achieve better results.

  • Track Leads
  • Close Opportunities
  • Get Accurate Forecasts
  • Contact Management
  • Sales Management
  • Workflow Processes

Implementation On-Budget, On-Time, Guaranteed

CRM implementations that go over time and over budget are so commonplace as to almost be the norm. We've got a track record of bringing in our implementations on time and on budget. We're so confident we'll even guarantee that. How do we do it?

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“Enabling have been a really excellent organisation to work with. We’ve been continually surprised by the quality and depth of their team. From my perspective, they’ve been the perfect IT partner; a steady guide rather than an imposer of product.”

Donald Shand, Director of Operations, Pact Group


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Implementing Success

Most CRM implementations fail. Why? There are various reasons, but most often in the industry we hear it’s because of a lack of adoption. The new solution doesn’t work as promised, it causes people to work harder than before, it’s more difficult than the previous system. We work to overcome this. Our 100% go live rate is a testament to it too.

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