Odoo CRM

Track leads, close opportunities  and get accurate forecasts.

Customer Centric CRM

As an all-in-one software package, Odoo's CRM capabilities is more like an app than a traditional software system making it irresistible to sales and marketing alike.


Odoo provides all the CRM functionality you’ll need, and then some.

Get the insights you need to make smarter decisions.

  • Track Leads
  • Close Opportunities
  • Get Accurate Forecasts
  • Contact Management
  • Sales Management
  • Workflow Processes

Implementation On-Budget, On-Time, Guaranteed

CRM implementations that go over time and over budget are so commonplace as to almost be the norm. We've got a track record of the opposite. We're so confident we'll even guarantee that. How do we do it?


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“Enabling allows us to become more efficient in areas of the business that are so unpredictable, saving us crucial time and money."

Bryce Donnell – CFO, Software of Excellence


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Implementing Success

Most CRM implementations fail. Why? There are various reasons, but most often in the industry we hear it’s because of a lack of adoption. The new solution doesn’t work as promised, it causes people to work harder than before, it’s more difficult than the previous system. We work to overcome this. Our 100% go live rate is a testament to it too.


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