From accounting to HR and manufacturing, Odoo is functionally rich, globally supported, available on-premise or cloud and very cost effective.

Enabling is NZ's First Odoo Gold Partner and the 2019 Odoo Best Starter Partner in the Asia Pacific region. 

Odoo Is The Flexible, Low-Cost ERP Solution That Scales with Your Business

With an elegant interface, your team will love using Odoo Software. It fits the need of any business, offering comprehensive features and functionality that are continuously updated thanks to Odoo’s open-source nature. Total cost of Odoo ERP ownership is low, there’s no vendor lock -in, and you only pay for the apps you use.

Our Verdict on Odoo

As the 2019 Odoo Best Starter Partner in the Asia Pacific region, we thought you might be interested in our thoughts on the Odoo platform and where it surprised us the most. 


You want features? Odoo software has them in spades and out of the box too. Odoo's stack of functionality for virtually any requirement is impressive and the good news is that it's constantly growing at a significant rate. Due to the modular design of Odoo solutions, you get the functionality you need now as well as the ability to add further modules as your business grows and needs change. 
Worried the needs of your business are too unique? Odoo customisation is the answer and we are the experts! Having built hundreds of customisations in Odoo, we will make the technology work for you.

Accounting Made Easy

Odoo addresses all your Accounting requirements with ease and boasts the ability to support the most intricate and complex financial structures. We know it, we've done it! 


  • AR and payables
  • Bank & Cash
  • Reconciliation
  • Advanced access rights
  • Multis
  • Performance reports
  • Legal statements
  • Analytic accounting
  • Subscriptions
  • Assets & revenues
  • Integrations


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"“4RF has sales staff all over the world; we needed a system that’s available worldwide 24 hours a day. Enabling is helping with the challenges this brings.”"

Daniel Bowbyes – IT Manager, 4RF Communications Limited

Human Resources

Odoo enables the efficient and ...humane practise of HR

  • Recruitment
  • Employees
  • Expenses
  • Appraisal
  • Fleet
  • Leave


Implementation On-Budget, On-Time, Guaranteed

ERP implementations that go over time and over budget are so commonplace as to almost be the norm. We've got a track record of the opposite; to prove it, we guarantee it. How do we do it?

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MRP, Quality, Maintenance and PLM fully integrated into a single solution. Odoo is a true, all in one business management software solution for Manufacturers.  Ease of use, affordability and an uncomplicated tech stack are the benefits sought worldwide and Odoo proves to be the modern solution.

  • MRP
  • PLM
  • Maintenance
  • Quality

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Why Choose Us As Your Odoo Partner?

Most ERP implementations fail. Why? There are various reasons, but most often in the industry we hear it’s because of a lack of adoption. The new solution doesn’t work as promised, it causes people to work harder than before, or it’s more difficult than the previous system. We work to overcome this. Our 100% go live rate is a testament to it too. When it comes to the Odoo solution, we have another reason for your consideration as your implementation partner - we are the 2019 Odoo Best Starter Partner in the Asia Pacific region. 

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New Zealand's First Odoo Gold Partner

Our gold partner status proves we are the best Odoo NZ partner to make your implementation a success. Count on our Odoo experience to make the technology work for you and discover a suite of open source business apps that will transform your business. 


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Like what you see with the Odoo product? We wanted to give you a taste but there's nothing like seeing it up close and personal.  This software has to be seen to be believed. Send us a message. Let's grab a coffee in-person or over the phone to see if we can help. And if not, we'll recommend who you should talk to.

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