Sage 300

Robust business and financial management software for small and midsized businesses.

Building The Backbone Of Your Business

Small and medium businesses in NZ and all around the world use Sage 300 – a robust ERP system – to manage their finances, inventory, operations, and more across multiple locations, geographies, and markets.
Sage 300 brings data visibility across an entire business to a company, without the costs or complexity of traditional ERP or business management software. If your business is spread across New Zealand or across international borders, the Sage 300 solution will make it easy for you to manage your finances, operations, and inventory; track and report on key performance indicators; and collaborate in real time, from any location.
Formerly known as Sage Accpac, Sage 300 supports the entire lifeblood of a business: its financials, inventory, projects, payments, sales order and customer management, and more. With visual workflows and intuitive navigation, Sage 300 standardises and centralises team workflows and develops stronger and more consistent collaboration across front to back office business processes.

Our Verdict On Sage 300

There's nobody in New Zealand, or Australia for that matter, that understands the Sage 300 solution better than we do.  Watch the video below as we talk about what most people don't know about Sage 300 - worth sharing with business owners everywhere.


A better and more efficient way to manage your complex business processes, transactions and relationships with one unified solution.

Gain the agility and ability to compete and manage your business and operations; leveraging anywhere-anytime access to data and transactions with laser-focused accuracy.

  • Comprehensive Accounting and Financial Management
  • Simplified International Commerce and Multiple Company Management
  • Optimisable Operations and Distribution
  • Project and Job Costing
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • eCommerce and Inventory Management

"I had used Sage 300 at another business and knew in advance that the product was capable of handling the job. We needed a system to manage the operation as a global business. Deadlines are tight and we needed speed and efficiency."

Bryce Donnell – CFO, Software of Excellence


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Implementation On-Budget, On-Time, Guaranteed

ERP implementations that go over time and over budget are so commonplace as to almost be the norm. We've got a track record of the opposite. We're so confident we'll even guarantee that. How do we do it?

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Implementing Success

Most ERP implementations fail. Why? There are various reasons, but most often in the industry we hear it’s because of a lack of adoption. The new solution doesn’t work as promised, it causes people to work harder than before or it’s more difficult than the previous system. We work to overcome this. Our 100% go live rate is a testament to it too.

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Learn More About Sage 300

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